The Language

by The Language

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released October 20, 2015



all rights reserved


The Language Norwalk, Ohio

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Track Name: Tongue Sweat
Crippled my judgement
Worrying about everyone's compass
Lost all direction
Your venom has me infected
And i clear my head
of time you spent in my bed
together both of us bled
I killed the snake with two heads
I. Know
Fly to the sky let the birds be your eyes
Ascend into heaven but let hell be your guide
Sin for success and the greed is for me
Starved for days but it's time for a feast
I feed off of sympathy it really isn't fair
For me to keep trading my eyes for my ears
Purge all the wildlife and end all control
Discomfort has finally taken it's toll
When youre done dragging my name through the dirt
(Can i see it)
When youre done looking for reasons to hurt
(Im gonna be it)
Thats not myself spokesmen for hell
the devil in me he aint a tough sell
thats not myself but who can i tell
And ive gotta be trapped
No room for me no room for you
you say out with the old
(Out with the old)
But never in with the new
Who you are means nothing
Dont care
Nobody moves nobody gets hurt
Birds of a feather burn together
But if I had more time
I would've spent it with you
I wouldve had more time
Had i known what to do
Maybe memories aren’t what i need
Theres no replacement for the real thing
affection is only felt skin deep
Im stuck in a place that you will never see
Friends of failure
Friends of success
Stop living in the shadows
of dead fucking men
Make the most of time you borrowed
A waste of death for all the ones who followed
your crooked path cause now they lie on dead leaves
a source of comfort that you’ll never see
Track Name: No Wake
Fire is burning embers in my heart
Hatred, seething from my heart.
I see everything burning in my eyes
Nothing can keep this pain from my life

And I will stay where I wanna be
Just to wait for my reckoning.
And if I lose everything I have
I will fight until I get it back.

Face to face, what the fuck you gonna say to me?

Tie me up and cleanse my curse
In your image, the world is dead
In your image, the world is dead.

And I'll give, and you'll take
Do you have something to say?
And I'll give, and you'll take
And you have nothing to say.

Tie me up, cleanse my soul
This time, the corkscrew bends the wrench.

Tie me up, burn me alive.